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Research Projects

Consultancy Projects

Training Projects

Research project contracts typically last for 1-3 years and if   awarded a research contract, research assistants can be recruited to assist to manage the project work. The time spent of the research project (supervising and carrying out the study) is normally not chargeable. This is covered by the overhead.  The work is generally of a more long-term nature with publishable results and graduate student supervision. Researcher is most interested in theory (be it testing theories or developing new ones), and good researchers use data from practice to inform their work (testing theories or developing new theory).


Consultancy work is normally short-term investigations where the time cost of the consultant is changeable depending on the rates set by the University. The results would be confidential to the client and hence the findings not publishable without getting the approval of the client. A consultant is most interested in practice, and good consultants use theory to contribute to their work. 


Training projects can originate from research or consultancy projects or stand-alone by itself. The purpose of the training and development projects are to organize and facilitate learning and development, and expedite acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the subject area. Trainers working on the projects are normally paid based on the training hours conducted and the development of the training module.

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