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Nair, V. & Ahmad, S.H. (1994).
Colour Quantification of Carambola (Star-fruit) at Various Stages of Maturity.
Bachelor’s Degree Dissertation, UPM, Malaysia. April 1994. 

Image: Startfuit ripening stages. Garden Style 2020

Nair, V., Daud, M., Ganapathy, N. & Ramli, R. (1998). Terrestrial Vegetation Management Expert System (ES) Prototype for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Masters Thesis, UPM, Malaysia. May 1998.


Nair, V., Daud, M., Badaie, M.Z. & Mohd, A. (2003).
Applying the Expert System Technology to Evaluate Ecotourism Sites Based on Safety, Health and Environmental Quality Assurance.
Ph.D. Thesis, UPM, Malaysia. October 2003.

Image: Deforestation of the rainforest in Borneo. Carbon Brief Ltd 2015

Canopy Walk at Mulu.JPG

Image: Canopy Walk at Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Vikneswaran Nair 2008 

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